xr650L Will a stock bike have enough juice 4 heated grips?

03 650L. The stator is stock and I was thinking of putting heated grips on for the fall riding here in Wisconsin. What is the output of the stock charging system. Will I have to upgrade my bike to put heated grips on? What company do you guys recommend for heated grips? Thanks, Chewwy

The stock electrical system will work just fine if you connect the hot grips to the hot lead to the headlight.

Living in San Diego, we never have to worry about the cold much. But I would say upgrade your hand guards if you havent to gigger ones that will block the cold wind when riding as well.

I have ridden many times in weather that was about 20degrees and that was damn cold for me. But I know its not bad for Wisc'

Good luck and post how it works out for other cold weather members.


You will have no problems with grip heaters. Did it myself on my old 'L & honestly though it was one of the best mods I added. Living up here in WA made riding in the late fall tolerable. I bought a cheap, readily availble kit at a local dealer that had a HI/LO setting then modified it so that the HI heat went only to the left grip & the resistor in line with the right grip so that the heating was equalized. I added just an on/off switch to control them. It worked perfect. Otherwize your right hand gets too warm. One thing you might try is putting some thin wall heat shrink under the element on the left side to prevent the bar from absorbing the heat. Then you could have the HI/LO setting. I've not tried this but noticed that the Dual Star website offers it for aluminum bars. It may make putting the left grip on a bit of a challenge but might be worth the fuss. I suppose of you used thicker heat shrink tubing you could always buy 2 sets of grips & use the throttle side from both. Safety wire them in case it's a bit loose. Just a thought.

Thanks for the help guys! I dont know what I'd do without ya. Justicedone, 20ish on a bike is cold even for wi standards. How far can you make it with the temps that low? Its been very cold here this last week with the lows dipping into the low 30s. I've been doubling up on the long johns and such but my hands still get cold. I would drive my truck to the town next to me but why should I do that when the truck gets 20 mpg vs. 44 on the honda. I plan on riding the oinker until the salt trucks come out to play. Hypersthenos, you mentioned safety wiring my grips. I see dennis kirk sells two different diameter wires. Which do riders prefer the most? Large or small?

Not sure as the guage of wire is that much of a difference. I think the smaller guage tends to cut into the grip a bit much though. I always twist it pulling from the bottom with safety wire pliers. Then cut of all but about 3/16" of the twist & peen it over with a hammer to drive the wire ends into the grip. I usually do one about 1/8" from the end of the grip, one somewhere in the middle & one near the flange. Some if not most aftermarket grips have grooves just for this purpose. Some will even extend the surface behind the flange for the safey wire to be hidden behind it. Make sure to route the grip heater wires to allow for movement of the throttle.

Cool, thanks.

Reviving old thread here! Does anyone know of a good power source behind headlight shroud to power a set of Oxford heated grips? Switched definitely a plus!

Red/black off ignition switch.  I'd add a separate fuse rather than piggy backing on an existing one.

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