Checking Dual sport kit?

I have an XR650 I just installed a Baja Dual sport kit To, The carb is off waiting the Edelbrock I orded (may be two weeks who knows)is there a way to put or charge the system to see if all is working connecting as far as light horn turns etc

I turned switch on and there is no power I assume it needs to be running to charge the little 12 volt battery pack

any way I can light it up without the motor being on?

If you're referring to a Baja Designs kit , mine came already charged...I remember a funny note in the instructions that asked if you were color blind to get help.I also noticed that since this is a universal type kit that color to color wiring was not always followed.

can I run 12volts to it to the White and Orange wire thats gone to the stator?

kraut61 the orange and white wires do work! goes to the battery and I am able to check all systems and charge

I figuered out my lonesome

now we both know kraut61


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