2007 Wr450

Two weeks ago I put money down on a 2007 WR250F that is due in October. Yesterday I called the dealer and we reworked the deal for a 2007 WR450F instead (due in November). I was afraid that I would be wishing for more after a short period time with the 250 so I decided I might be better off going with the450 now. It's been many years since I last rode my old YZ250, but I'm excited about having power once again. My thought is to go with the 450 and not perform the mod's until I'm used to the power once again (and if I desire more) versus purchasing the 250 and performing the mods immediately. I'm 5-10 and weight 195 and the trails we ride are mostly straight and open (trails are not tight where the 250 would probably have a big advantage). The entire family currently rides air cooled CRF's and we are all moving up due to the boys are out growing their bikes. My wife is taking my modified CRF230 and I am going to a WR (bored with the 230). Are there any of you that purchased 450's that wish you purchased a 250 instead? What is the 450 like without performing the mods compared to a YZ250 2 smoker? Thanks for any insight you may have.

Reading up on the 07 wr450 its suppose to have more low end do to cam and timing mods so I don't think one can honestly compare it to an 06 yet. I have an 06 and I have done all the mods including the BK mod to obtain no low end bog, hesitation or stutter.

Mine ran superbly with just the grey wire pulled, the throttle stop trimmed and the exhaust plug (equivalent to sticking a potato in the end of your exhaust pipe) pulled out. Those are the bare minimum I would do to a stock bike.

With correct fork and shock springs, the 450, although heavier feels quite light and will be lighter in 07. I used to own a yz250 and it was definately more nimble on tight tracks but I really like the low end power of the 450.

...Are there any of you that purchased 450's that wish you purchased a 250 instead? ...

Yep... every time I busted my ass!

Most often I would do that because I would loose the rear end and do a lowside from pulling hard out of turns. I was doing my counter balance, elbow up, weighting the outside peg, etc...

Then it turns out that i was the only moron running on the stock rear tire. I put a trials tire on, now the back hooks up to absolutely everything.

I started turning more agressively and with less fear, then I started losing the front end (which I think is just as painful as an endo). New springs front and rear helped a lot with that.

Now I am cool.

I did reconnect my grey wire to tame it a bit until I got used to it. Ironically, it didn't impact my riding, except to cut down on those "oh $hit" moments, which was not the bikes fault anyways.

Now, there are more occasions when I want to accelerate a little quicker or to be able to let the tire break loose a bit while turning. I bet I am almost ready to undo the wire again. Its all psychological, but riding is mostly in the mind anyways.

TT'rs will tell you to stop riding so fast and it won't be too much power. Sounds crazy, but there's quite a bit of logic in that.

do the free mods, keep your grey wire connected in the beginning. Definitely get bark busters, rejet the carb, get new tires front and rear and get proper springs for the suspension. Then set your sag. You should spend no more than $400 bucks. Without a few things done, there will be no power for you to get used to.

Ride the thing until you think its slow, then undo the grey wire to give it that final kick in the pants.

where is the grey wire on the 07 ? i gotta try it disconnected.

where is the grey wire on the 07 ? i gotta try it disconnected.

Left hand side panel under the number plate.

appears to make a difference just in the driveway. can't wait till the weekend to try it out. thanks..

Uncork that beast!! The bike feels woefully inadequate stock.

The grey wire is located behind the L panel (by the air box). Take off the side cover and locate the plastic wiring harness w/six wires on either side. After disconnecting the wiring harness, carefeully push out the grey wire from the end that comes apart with a small screwdriver. Fold it, the grey wire, back and use black electrical tape to cover it up and protect the same. It's better than cutting and allows you to replace it should you desire to do so.

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