Ciao from Italy

I guys!

I introduce to you, my name is Piero, I'm writing from Turin-Italy (do you remember the last XX Winter Olympic Games?......yes from that place), I have many, many difficult with your language :lame: and also I have a great passion for the motorcycles :thumbsup: , I own some motorcycles: Honda CB400SS '75, Honda VRF750R RC30 '89 and Honda XR650R SM (super motard in Italy).

I have modified the XR for to make it lighter and more amuse.

In the next days I will post to you some pictures for document my works and...........

.....................PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR MY BAD ENGLISH and if you want, you correct my posts (please)................

Ciao Piero

Welcome to TT it's always nice to welcome new members!!

WELCOME TO TT, I'm not from ITALY but my grand parents were :thumbsup:

I'd like to visit some day

I guys!

I introduce to you, my name is Piero, I'm writing from Turin-Italy....PLEASE EXCUSE ME FOR MY BAD ENGLISH and if you want, you correct my posts (please)................




Il benvenuto, il fratello! Welcome, brother!

I would try to correct your English but then somebody would need to correct my Texan :eek: I currently live in Pennsylvania, however... "You can take the boy out of Texas but you cannot take Texas out of the boy." :thumbsup:

Good to have you on our great Thumper Talk. Even better to hear that you have an XR650R. Great bike, but then you have lots of great bikes, Piero. There are many XR650R owners on this forum that are very knowledgeable on this bike (much more than me!) We all help each other a lot.

We look forward to seeing pictures of your XR650R modifications and their descriptions. I too have modified my 650R for SM--soltanto alcuni :bonk: --, as have many on this forum. You are in good company!

Please do not worry too much about your "English". I promise you most of us do not worry about our English, either :p:lame: Just post your messages and we will sort it out.

Italy is a grand country, I have been fortunate to visit there twice: once on vacation, to Bologna (toured the Ducati factory!!!) and Modena (toured the Ferrari museum!!) and once on business, to Pisa, Firenze and Lucca. L'Italia è magnifica!

Un molto caldo benvenuto, un fratello!

RC30, Welcome to TT...A great bunch of people here.... :thumbsup:

Welcome like a brother, but bring the wine ok?

This is a great place to learn, share and make friends.

I look forward to seeing your pics.

Welcome to TT


Welcome and dont worry about your English grammer as they probably wont worry about the Italian language. Cant wait to see your bikes!

Ciao a tutti, finalmente dopo tanto tempo di silenzio dal primo post torno a farmi risentire.

Innanzitutto volevo ringraziarvi per l’accoglienza che mi avete riservato.

In questo tempo d’assenza ho cercato di migliorare il mio inglese, vediamo se ci sono riuscito.

Visto che oggi è il mio compleanno comincio a postare le immagini della mia moto così come lo comprata.

Honda XR 650 R SM (supermoto), potenza piena, anno 2005.



Giorno dopo giorno, settimana dopo settimana e mese dopo mese, posterò tutte le immagini degli elementi sostituiti per modificare secondo i miei gusti e per alleggerire il più possibile la moto.

Userò un sistema simile a quello usato in un altro forum, sperando che chi mi legge qua e che mi conosce, non mi faccia delle sorprese anticipando delle immagini (Vittorio67 per favore).

Ciao a tutti e a domani Piero


Hallo everybody!

I come back after many time of silence from first post.

First of all I will tell you thanks a lot for your welcome to me.

During this time I have tryed to learn the English language, now we will see if I have success.

Today 11/23 is my birthday and than I begin to send the pictures of my bike as well as I bought.

Honda XR 650 R SM (supermoto), unkorked, model year 2005.



Day after day, week after week and month after month, I will post all the pictures of the new and old elements used for modified and for make lighter the bike.

I will do like I have done in another forum and I hope who know me don’t send the pictures if have seen before (Vittorio67 please).

Ciao and we will see tomorrow Piero.

RC30, I also have a XR650R Motard! Yours looks like a factory version that we don't get in America! You have passenger pegs! In the US we have to convert ours to a motard. Does Honda sale a factory SM version in Italy? Welcome brother.

Man that is one super clean bike!

Looks Sweeet...:cheers: .....


Ciao smrich, Honda Italia does not import any XR and CRF version.

This models are imported and distribuited by HM (CRF) and mr. Dall’Ara (XR).

Dall’Ara provide for assembly...........................


...the big front lamp with front traffic indicators...


...the rear view mirrors...


...the rear sub frame...


...the sub rear fender with the rear lamp and the traffic indicators...



...the passenger pegs...



...the 17” wheels (and the tires) with the new 320mm front disk...


...the front brake spacer.

And from this year, in some model...........


..the electric starter...


...the bad gear pedal...

...and the ignition key with the battery...(sorry but I haven't the pictures...).

The battery is positioned behind the right radiator.

See you soon Piero.

Welcome to TT & thanks for the pics. I believe there is a huge market here in the US for the parts you have listed. Wish they were readily available here, particularly that factory Honda headlight assembly. Happy holidays.

welcome to the greatest forum on the web.

I'll be traveling to Pisa Italy on saturday for 3 weeks to work on a yacht we constructed,I hope the weathers nice,it's got to be warmer than Wisconsin.

looks like your about 150 miles away ,but i'll keep a eye out for that wicked xr and if you see some goofy american waving his arms in the air,it's just me trying to get your attention so I can take that thing for a spin..

catch ya later:thumbsup:

Thank you for your welcome.

Ciao Hypersthenos, I think that in Italy too there is a huge market for the US product dedicated to ours XR, fortunately exist internet with Ebay and similar wich allow us to buy anything around the world.

Ciao drtlvr, I live about 230 miles above Pisa, unlikely I will see “some goofy american waving his arms in the air”.....:D......please pay attention to don’t hurl against something....:prof:.

About the weather, in these days is fine and cold, here in Turin at least...

I wish you an happy stay in Italy :worthy:.

The battle of the weight.......#1

interuttore_spegnimento_st.jpg Stock 0.121 lbs

interruttore_spegnimento_sp.jpg Special 0.081 lbs

Engine stop, Ramirez for Kawasaki.

Weight -0,04 lbs :worthy:

Total dry weight (verified) stock 308,37 lbs

After step #1..........................308,33 lbs .............-0.04 lbs

The battle of the weight.......#2

interruttore_luci_st.jpg Stock 0.504 lbs

interruttore_luci_sp.jpg Special 0.125 lbs

Headlight switches, KTM old style.

Weight -0,379 lbs :worthy:

Total dry weight (verified) stock 308,37 lbs

After step #2..........................307,951 lbs .............-0.419 lbs

Ciao RC-30: I really like the looks of your bike and that super clean e-start. Wake up Honda North America :worthy:

Could you please take a close-up picture under the rear fender to see the subframe? Is it something that would bolt onto a North American bike?

......Wake up Honda North America :prof:......

Ciao Miguel, sorry but in North America XR 650 R cost $ 6,349 (, in Italy the off-road version cost..........8800 euros ($ 11,556......:D), and the SM version (with electric start) cost........9,430 euros ($ 12,384.....:bonk:).

And so I say........WAKE UP DALL'ARA HONDA ITALY............:worthy:

.......Could you please take a close-up picture under the rear fender to see the subframe? Is it something that would bolt onto a North American bike?

Yes I can...........



......the subframe with the rear fender.....


.....the subframe......


......two fixing points on the rear frame.....



......left fixing point.....


.......and right fixing point.

Sorry but I don't know if the two fixing points on the rear frame (ant the two holes on the rear fender) are original Honda or if make it from mr. Dall'Ara (who imported and distribuited the XR) :worthy:.

Ciao Piero.

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