Ciao from Italy

thanks alot, I will look into it..


Hi Just seen this thread...Awesome work Piero. looking forward to the continuing story.

i live in Ghana West Africa and reading your thread inspires me to get into my garage and try some of these mods.

keep up good work


RC30, where you at bro?

I am having a slow day at the office and I thought to myself "I wonder if that amazing XR is done yet?" How's it comming?

Sory i just need this thread handy.

You out there RC30?


Ditto that Sea rap:crazy: :excuseme:


i'm from italy too :smirk:

Razzo come sta.

I tried them guys a few years ago and couldn't whistle them up man.

Where did you get the passenger pegs??

Want to see pics of this one, no pics are working...

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