Your opinion please - 2006 XR650L question...

I have been offered a mint 2006 XR650L with only 700 miles for $4,000. It seems like a great price considering I have been watching eBay and cycletrader for a month now and haven't found one that cheap. It also comes with the original and aftermarket exhaust. They may even come down another $100-200. What do you think? :thumbsup:

i sold my 98 with 6k miles and about 2k in upgrades for 2800....i'd say go fo it.

i sold my 98 with 6k miles and about 2k in upgrades for 2800....i'd say go fo it.

Hey wr, where you been? This place isn't the same without you. :thumbsup:

no kidding..isnt it nice?


I bought my bike one year old and 600mi in mint cond...for 4k

Damn good deal, go for it

My '01 bought in '02 with 750 miles was $4000.

So sounds good to me.

What are you waiting for ?

to good to be true?

buy it now

its worth $4800

Seems fair, bought my new '06 in April for $4999 ($5436 OTD)

If title is clear, and its indeed mint, Its a great deal. Paid $3200 for an 04' xr650L with almost 4000 all street miles on it.

Two things:

1) Make sure it wasn't stolen.

2) Make sure you are not going to become the next late great E-Bay scam victim.

The last time I was at the dealer they were selling for 6300 &%$#@!! Go for it!

if it isnt stolen, i'd buy it, after a i had mechanic take a quick peek at it.

i find it odd someone would take a $2000 hit on a brand new bike unless they needed cash bad, or they forgot to do something necesary, like say... add oil?

Where I live you can actually buy a 2007 for $5,400 - $5,500 out the door. :devil:

a no-brainer!

:devil: Why is he getting rid of it so quick, what's his "sales pitch", just curious ?

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