Chain problem

If the chain is in spec, it would not have enough side play to eat the frame, chain is worn out.

Try putting your bike on a stand and start it up. Put it in first gear (with rear wheel off the ground) and see if your chain is slapping around alot. If it is try checking your rear wheel alignment. I use dial calipers to measure the distance between the lock nut and the inside of the adjustment nut on the rear wheel axle blocks. I try to be within .010 on from each side. This should solve your problem if you are within spec. Also make sure you cannot get more than 2 1/2 - 3 fingers inbetween your chain and the rear end of the chain slider.

You're not the only one to have this problem... you are probably running your chain too loose. If the search function is back up and running, do a search and you'll find another thread on this where a few guys made a plate to cover the frame and protect it.

Put a Regina O-ring chain on there, set the slack to spec and roost on! Problem solved. This has happened to a few 06 machines. Also check your rear wheel alignment.

Alignment :thumbsup:

Thaks guys, I will go and check the alignment; I thought it was good but it might be off just enough.

Mine is within spec. and does that too. I cut a clear pool hose to wrap around that part of the frame and zip tyed it to resolved that problem. Alignment on my bike looks to be ok also. Let me know if you want a pic.

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