lowering a '01 WR426 for my wife?

Theres a possiblility that a Yamaha WR426 will be available for sale so my wife can go riding with me. But I need to know if I can lower the rear end easily for her to be able to reach the ground safely. I know that I can raise the forks in the triple clamps. There is a company Mountain Motor Sports offering a lowering link for '02-06 WRs. But the 426 is not listed.

Does anyone know of a company that might offer something like a lowering link for an '01 WR426? I don't want to shorten the shock if I don't have to, as she will get better at riding and might be raising the bike again.

Thanks for the info. I showed wifey and shes digging it.

Thanks for the info. I showed wifey and shes digging it.

hey there 5Rs, It would be great to have a ride report after you get this mod done ...... been thinking about this myself ..... it's just not in the budget right now, bummer .....

I'm only 5'9" and this is waht I did to my WR400 so that I could reach better and kick start on hills etc. While you have your suspension apart it's worth the little extra to make sure you're using the correct springs, front and back, for your weight. It made a HUGE difference (I'm 240 with gear) and set your sag properly.


Spid, if you're anywhere near Austin, TX It's definitley worthwhile to get Lampmann to set up your suspension. Check out


He does alot of folks' rides around teh Austin area, and races the STORM series. Great customer service, and he'll come out to the track / trails with you to fine tune your settings at no extra cost.

Good luck all


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