any IDEAS setting up suspension for dual purpose riding?

If anyone has advice on setting up suspension so that i dont lose too much play on the dirt but also get lower and stiffer for the road, i does adjustable suspension work? I have a 06 Wr450 with the whole supermoto setup but if i get the springs cut, I feel I would lose too much play in the dirt and living in Australia not being able to go bush is like not being able too get a root with your own woman any advice would be much appreciated

Dual sport is all about compromise. What are you willing to give up? Your WR is never going to handle like a sport bike no matter what you do and the more you try, the worse it's going to be in the dirt. It will however, handle like a champ in the dirt with the right set up. I'd set it up for dirt and learn to live with it on the street. You want a tight handling street bike get a YFZ-R1.

Or an FJR1300 :thumbsup:

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