Right plate sub frame bolt

The XR650R I just bought came with the bolt and nut, which attaches the right number plate to the sub frame, stripped out. It seems the "nut inside the sub frame" is loose, and they just spin around, and I have not been able to get it off. Has anyone had this happen, and if so how or can you get the bolt out without cutting the plate out of the way? Please give advice if you can. Thanks :thumbsup:

Come on guys, please tell me this is a subject that has been beat to death, or at least someone has had this problem. I do not want to tear off the plate and ruin it in order to repair this problem, but it seems to be the only way unless someone knows a trick or two... please let me know if you can

Thanks :thumbsup:

I think I remember a guy writing about this problem on...


hopefully you can find an answer there. :thumbsup:


I think I remember a guy writing about this problem on...


hopefully you can find an answer there. :thumbsup:


Maybe here. :lame:

"#2 Q: Why do my subframe bolts strip? Actually, they don't "strip". The threaded inserts are squashed into the frame, and sometimes do not get totally "squashed". They work loose and spin in the frame. BEFORE they do this, get a long bolt of high grade (8.8-9.8) that fits. Screw a nut about 3/4" onto this bolt, then add a washer and then thread it fully into the fitting. Screw the nut and washer down to the insert and crank it down while holding the bolt from turning with another wrench. This will clamp the fitting down on the aluminum subframe thoroughly.

DO NOT USE THREADLOCKER on any bolt that uses an insert, including the shroud bolts up front. Grease and proper torque are the proper way to address these bolts. A lost .65 bolt is cheaper than a 200 dollar tank or subframe."

Sounds good, but I am past square one-the insert and bolt are just spinning now. Is there a trick to get the bolt loose from the insert, so I can get the plate off and try to "re-seat" the insert? :devil:

I have the same spinning insert on my bike (that I haven't gotten around to fixing). Two options I can think off:

1. Drill through the bolt head. You can then remove the side plate and drill the insert out if you desire (in truth, it is not a critical fastener, the side plate will stay on fine without using this fastener)

2. Drill a small hole through the subframe perpendicular to the bolt (from the bottom of the bike up into the subframe). Drill into the insert and use a nail, etc inserted through the hole to hold the insert.

Or think of a more brilliant soution and post it here so I can use it. :devil:


I think FJ has the right idea.

Look up "Riv-Nut" on google to see how this type of hardware works. You may be able to wedge something (ground down Chisel/Punch?) between the plastic or the bolt head to grab the top flange and stop it from turning. You might also be able to stake the side of the flange with a ground down punch to grab it with the chisel. I would look into penetrating oil if you suspect the bolt has siezed to the riv-nut. Anyway, you can find the right "Riv-Nut" to replace it later.

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