couple of ??

we run some fairly tight and rough HS in our neck of the woods and i'm always looking for ways to improve handling. well i've come up with a brainstorm/fart (depending on if it'll work) of changing the frame on my 05 YZ450 to that of a 05 WR. there are a few questions that arise,but first here is a explanation.

they lowered the frame on the steering head for the 05 WR's for a lower COG,now i've had a 04 WR and find the 4spd and engine characteristics of the 05 YZ much better suited to what i'm doing (13/52 with rekluse clutch,and every bottom end enhancement i could come up with) i'll be using the 03 pre-production forks that i currently run on my YZ along with the offset clamps. the first question pertains to the shock,in order to balance the bike they shortened the shock shaft about 1/2"; that the only difference or is the swingarm/linkage also different? i'm thinking that if i put the complete assmbly (swing/link/shock) from the YZ it would lift the rear much like a storm link,no?

i'm guessing that everything else should mount with little or no mods,i'll be running the tall seat with lowered pegs so ergos should be the same except the bike will be a little lower. any input?? ya grey,i know just get a 06/7 but i just bought a new tractor so thats out for a couple yrs :thumbsup:

Got yer bike apart again, huh? Well at least this explains where your butt was last Saturday.

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