Need recommendation for good enduro/adventure gloves

I ride mostly motocross and have an XR-L for backroads and riding to work. I'm going on a tour in Baja in November and would like any recommendations for some good gloves to wear on a ride like that. I have tons of mx gloves, but consider them to be pretty wimpy for actual protection. I'm looking for something that will fit snug to help prevent blisters but be heavy enough to provide some good protection in a get off in rocky terrain.

What do you desert guys wear?


THE THOR RIDE GLOVES, check em out great glove for cooler weather and awesome protection, much beafier than standard mx glove

Johhny Campbell uses the Acerbis Carbon pro gloves with carbon fiber knuckle protection. I think they are great.

I found a pic of the Acerbis gloves on their international site. That's more what I'm looking for. Where did you get yours? Someplace online I can shop for them?


I got mine from my stealership about 3 years ago. Try or maybe dennis kirk. Find someone who sells the acerbis line of clothing. Im not 100% sure they even make the glove anymore but they did last time I checked.

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