Average mileage on tank of gas

Hey fellas, I'd like to see what other riders are getting for mileage on their stock tanks on a '05 WR450. Mine has all the free mods, Dr.D exhaust (full system), and a JD jetting kit. It runs great, the plug looks great. I only got about 40+ miles this weekend before I had to switch to reserve and milk it back home. I thought I could get around 60+ miles before switching, I guess I was wrong. What is everybody elses averages?

Unfortunately , that's about right. I have an 03' with a 2.8 gal tank and I can go about 45-50 miles but i'm on alot of tight trail that doesnt require much throttle. If i'm not mistaken the tank on the 05 is smaller.

I go about 30 in the sand and about 50 on trails. on average.

on an 05 with a JD kit and an FMF PowerCore4 silencer, i get about 60 on trails.

bout 50 before reserve (stock).

53 to 63 before hitting reserve, depending on terrain.

There have been times where I only get 30-40 miles before I have to switch to reserve. I have found that tight single track eats the fuel (1st -3rd gear) and logging road type riding I get close to 50 mi. on a tank. I recently upgraded to an IMS 3.4 gal tank so that I was able to go allot further.

Yep, when I ride on lots of single track / MX track it will get right at 22 mpg - I've checked it several times. With the 2.1 gal. tank that is just over 45 mi. total range. :thumbsup:

I know it will get better on more open terrain. Anyway, I ended buying a Clarke 2.8 gal. tank but didn't plan any longer rides in the dusty summer so I haven't put it on.

Now, I've gone ahead and bought a KTM 250xcfw. What a nice bike!! I've only done a couple rides but it averaged in the low 30's mpg. The WR is for sale. I really am a fan of the WR for it's strength and reliability, though.

Ride on!


I looked at the IMS tanks on TT and it looks like it's just a 3.1 gal tank for the WR450s is that correct? The stock tank is 3 gal on the 04. The only other option I saw was a 6.6 gal acerbis. Do they make an in between tank where maybe it's just 1gal larger so it still looks normal but with a larger capacity? I'd hate to run out of gas on a beach in Mexico if I can only go about 20-25 miles each way. I guess I could always get that big acerbis and just switch them out depending upon where I'm riding but I think a 4-4.5 tank would be good all around.

Thank you for your responses fellas. And btw, I was riding tight single track all day, never got above 3rd gear. That explains a lot. Once again, thanks.

You could always look into the side tank by Baja Designs. Holds 1.2 gallons and works well. I like mine. You can get them here on thumpertalk.

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