Quicksilver Carb

I just bought a Quicksilver carb from a member on here and put it on my 2000 YZF 426 it works great other than when I go into a turn real hard it kills ,and then it is really hard to start I cant bump start it going into the corner or whatever cause I run a Rekluse clutch,I never had the dieing problem with my old carb but it did have a bobble right of off idle and the Quicksilver got rid of that ,but it seems that even when I run the idle high enough to keep it running it dies when I go turn on maximum throttle it just fall off dead when I twist the throttle after a long hard run down a straight away into a hard corner.Anyone have any suggestions please get back to me.

Thanks Jim

I have two, but I don't think you'll like either one.

> Go to a manual clutch.

> Go back to the FCR and fix the bog.

The Quicksilver, which to be honest, I have never heard of, is not completing the "idle down" transition properly, and I have no idea whether they are even sophisticated enough to be capable of that at all. But you can mess with it if you like.

Have any ideas on fixing the bog?

Hey Grey you have any ideas on how to fix the old carb? It has a bog from close throttle to about 1/8 throttle,after that it rips and runs awesome,I have tried everything to get it out I have the MSR adjustable air needle,and at 4200 feet where would you start with jetting?

Thanks Jim

Hey Grey, have you been living in a box? Just wondering based on your comments. No needs to explain myself.

Hey Grey, have you been living in a box? Just wondering based on your comments. No needs to explain myself.
No, I have not. Perhaps you can elaborate on why you ask.

There are a number of fixes for the bog problem on FCR 426's which are documented here and searchable. The best are the BK carb mod and a JD jet kit (check the common threads sticky). My experience with aftermarket carbs for motorcycles made by small manufacturers has not been very favorable.

The comment on the Rekluse is no slam against them, but you cannot bump restart on the fly if you use one, can you now?

I believe the 'Quicksilver" is a carb made by Edelbrock. If so they should be able to build a decent fuel delivery system. I have heard good things about them, but have had no personal experience. Did you ever try the JD kit in your stock carb? I also hear he offers the float bowls from 05 models that work on earlier models too. The later float bowls have leak jets.

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