07's on the East coast

I had my dealer do some checking for me and he found out that he is not due to get a white 450 until 10/20/06 he will have 2 blue ones in around 1 week sooner. So it sounds like us East coast guys will have to wait a couple more weeks. :thumbsup: I am getting a white one but when the blue ones show up I may change my mind.

What dealer is this?

thoughts on white. I have a new white bike, color makes the bike look great. But it is blue now, could have been white, blue or black, I just went back to blue.

The white is going to be really hard to keep looking new. I rode it once with the white and it got scratched and where it got scratched, it was harder to get the dirt color out. It was a muddy day on a track with sand. I bought a set of blue plastic and put the white up for when I sell the bike. It is cheaper to replace the Yamaha plastic with aftermarket plastic now and put the original plastic back on when you are ready to sell the bike. Was the extra cost for the white worth it??

By the way, my dealer only ordered white, so it was my only choice this month. Blue was not going to be available until next month.

The new bike is great. Even with the smaller muffler (opening), it runs as well or better then the 06. I was in the top two to the first corner in my class both races yesterday. Clutch is like cutting butter, corners better than 06 and what can I say, I like the ride. Jetting is still lean, I went to a 48 pilot and 165 main for 5000 ft. Check with your local riders for 06 jetting, it should be correct or very close for the 07.

What about the midwest?I'm in kansas and have not heard of anyone getting one yet.I called a few yammie dealers yesterday and they dont know when they will get one.

What dealer is this?

I ride for World of Wheels in Seneca PA.

Down here in Florida (panama city area) they already have the 07 450s in. Pensacola has them, Tallahassee has them, and some dealers in Alabama do to. We're waitin on the 250f for my lil bro. Does anyone know when those are due?!

anybody?bikes in midwest?

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