Cherry Red Pipe

Just picked a new 06 WR450F last week and took it out for my first ride over the weekend. First ride was about 10 minutes, nothing too crazy, and when I got back into camp, I noticed the exhaust manifold directly coming out of the engine was cherry red hot, almost white, for about 8 inches from engine mounting interface. Now, I was not pushing this bike thAT hard! I have seen hot pipes before, but nothing like this after a mild ride.

Question, is this normal for a pipe to glow like that, or should I haul this thing back to the dealer?

That's normal for a stock jetted bike at or near sea level. These things are notoriously lean out of the box. There's a sticky thread on top regarding necessary and optional mods for the '06. Furthermore, check the Jetting Database, also stickied at the top of the forum. Now that you have the bike and have found this board, start doing some research via the search engine. WR's have been around for 8 years and the amount of information on TT is expansive. From my experience, TT is the BEST automotive/powersports forum out there, and the guys here on the WR forum are extremely knowledgeable and willing to help if you are unable to find the anwer in the archives. Welcome to the clan...SC

clark is're real lean on the jetting, so follow the guidelines in the sticky at the top of the forum. of all the performance mods to do on the WR, the jetting is the one that will give you the most bang for your buck. correct jetting will reduce the glowing header, but it may glow a little. i'd get a JD jetting kit, an aftermarket fuel screw, and follow the jetting sticky. ARin did a nice tutorial in the technical section that shows you how to rejet a carb with great pictures and instructions.

you'll love the bike. welcome to thumpertalk. this WR forum is great. a whole different bunch of guys compared to the MX forums.

Boy you have alot of reading to do, should keep you busy for a week or two. Good luck. welcome.

Thanks for the info guys, and yes, I agree I have some reading to do. I did read up on the performance mods for the 06 model a few weeks ago. I figured I would take the bike out and ride it around to see what it feels like before...and after I do the mods, just to see how much it changes. Ironically, one of my riding buddies just got himself the new CRF450X and we were trading bikes. Stock, as it bike is not even in the same class as his stock Honda. I was surprised at the difference. He was laughing at me, but I said, "wait a week or two after I put the mod kit in". I hope I am not disappointed. From what I have been reading, I doubt that will happen. Just curious though, why Yamaha would make the stock bike such a whimp, compared to the Honda CRF450X in its stock condition. Huge difference! Thanks again guys for rock!

Ok, I am convinced. I need to get to work this weekend and make the changes.

Thanks again for all the info.... you guys make me feel a whole lot better!

I am looking forward to meeting my bud on the CRF again... (snicker, snicker).

Are you in socal? Your name implies that you are a desert rider. I typically ride at California City or Gorman which is 2500-3500ft. I have got my jetting dialed in pretty good with the 168 main, red needle 4th position, fuel screw 1.5 turns out.

Uncork the pipe, rejet the carb (less than 4 hours of easy work), then go challenge 450X. That alone will do wonders for you.

Yes, Southern Cal. We typically ride Ocotillo Wells, El Mirage, Johnson Valley, or Red Mountain areas. I have been to Gorman a few times, but hate traveling thru LA. I used to ride the red, an XR600, but now that I am older (I am 48), I got tired of kicking the beast over, decided to go for a little milder trail bike with electric start. My sons ride blue and love their bikes, thats why I picked the WR450F.

First ride was still impressive, in spite of not making the mods yet. I love the suspension on this bike. The digital computer is very nice too. Red or Blue they are all good, and I just love to ride.

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