Question about stock tank?

Just picked up my new yzf 450, and plan on racing this weekend. I would like to know if my stock tank could get 45 miles out of it. It's two 45 mile loops? I just dont have time to get another tank for the bike before this weekend. Thanks. :thumbsup:

My vote is .... I doubt 06 goes thru gas very quick...but this is 100% tracks....Woods guys????

That's at the far outside edge of the range you can expect. I've gotten 45 miles out of 1.8 gallons, but it was desert riding at a fast, but not race pace, and there was almost none left. If you're talking 45 miles of hare/hound stuff, better hide some gas on the course.

yikes! i've run out after 30 miles, but that was with a bunch of loose hill climbing. i did the "boiling water with compressed air" mod. I ended up with 8.2 litres from 7 and that made all the difference.

Right on bro's, sounds like I better send gas with the gas truck. Thank you.

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