2007 skidplate

What kind of skidplates are people using on there 06 and 07's?

flat land's big aluminum...for the woods and rocks, kinda heavy and ugly but definately protects, for 06 450, i forget the price, goes on easy and never will move with 3 bolts to frame, 2 frame hooks and one front double frame hook, even with all sorts of foam under the frame I still have rattle and engine echo?! i'd call this skid plate bertha

I only ride/race on prepped tracks, but for my 06' I bought a lightspeed. It fit and worked well, but after about 20 hours much of the carbofiber had worn off on the bottom where it protects the frame. Also the rear mounting hole was starting to come apart. I bought a Works Connection aluminum unit and it is bullet proof, plus it comes with foam to put between the frame and skidplate. If you have a ton of cash to replace the lightspeed evry other month, do it as they look great but don't last. Otherwise the WC is your best bet.


Works Connection is what I went with, and so far I'm happy with it. I'm especially happy with it since the first one didn't fit quite right, and WC sent me another plate at no charge :thumbsup:


i have a gytr enduro plate on order. Should be in this week along with my 07 (hopefully). Ill let u guys know how i like it.

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