XRR boiled over today

Went on a run with a guy with an 05 mostly stock XR650R this weekend. We were doing some light riding on the street on the way to the trail and stopped for gas, when he shut the bike off to get the fuel coolant was spewing everywhere. Luckily there was a bike shop about 1/4 mile down the road and we brought it there for them to check out. They told us it was fairly common and he added some coolant and we went on our merry way with no more problems. We ran all day with no more overheating. It was very weird and sporatic. Anyway, that just happened this weekend and he says the bike is fine!

On a side note, this somewhat justified my reasoning on wanting an air cooled bike for simplicity reasons, one less thing to worry about! :devil:

But that spewed coolant still kept that hot motor a lot cooler than an air cooled would have been.

Remove the thermo, water wetter ,dexcool coolant, and a new cap. Ride faster..

I ride deserts mainly and I too used to have boil over problems. I changed the stock radiator cap to a 1.6 and no more problems. I was riding all summer in 100+ temps in tight techy trails and all is well...

Be careful with running a higher pressure cap, that is a quick way to loose a radiator.

on my 650R I use a 1.6 cap, SRC thermostat, engine ice coolant (Its envro friendly) and wrapped the pipe. this combo helped a lot.

I also have pumper carb and sometimes if I'm in the tight stuff I blip the throttle a few times to fatten it up some not sure just how much this helps but it feels good so I do it.:cheers:

Also when I am riding with slower riders I don't stop right after the tight stuff, I will cruse in the easy stuff to let the bike cool off and let them catch up.

just my $.02

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