Saddleback practice--Thurs 12-13

Hey all,

Some of us from the YZ 400/426 board are going to go to Saddleback (So. Cal.) for practice on Thursday 12-13. Anyone is welcome and I wanted to let everybody know.

I'll be in my red Ford F-250 extracab and my bike with black backgrounds and white #44.

Hope some of you can make it out there.


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I might just be there!!! Heard it's a pretty nice track!

As long as there is no bad weather, it looks like the track will be open on Thursday. :):D


Ernie and Others:

I'm still planning on being there in the morning. How about you. I was at Lake Elsinore all day today and it was great.



Still going. I have the truck loaded, in the garage and all I have to do in the A.M. is put ice in the ice chest!!!!!!!

See you there, Ernie

Wow, work was slow so I skipped out at lunch and made it over to Saddleback. I rode almost non-stop from 2pm until they kicked us off at 4:30pm. I stuck to the Vet track because it was so dang fun, what a great time, I think I'll have to go again this Saturday!


Sorry we missed you. We split out of there a little after 1:00. I wanted to beat the traffic back into the valleys.

I rode with Harold in So. Cal. and YZFJim. Both are nice guys. Harold did his best Jeff Emig imitation and overjumped the finish table by about 10'. He left at the end of the day with some sore feet and ankles. Jim rides his bike pretty smooth. He is about 8 feet tall and can use his legs to suck up some of the rough track.

All in all it was a very fun day.

Since I haven't ridden alot lately, my hands look like hammered horse jerky. Can't wait till next time!!!!! :)


I had a great time yesterday. Ernie and Jim can ride lap after lap. It's hard for me to do 5 or so laps straight. Just got back from the Dr. No broken bones just lots of swelling and bruising. Will be back soon.

Originally posted by Harold in So Cal:

[QB]No broken bones just lots of swelling and bruising.[QB]


Glad nothing is broken. On the way home I envisioned you walking from my truck back to yours and thought "OUCH, that must hurt"!!! Hope to see you back out soon.


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