XR650R leaking fuel everywhere...

Hello everyone, I'm new to XR's and need some help. In July, I purchased a 2003 XR650R. The bike has been modified to Dual Sport specs by a local motorcycle shop (the bike was built for the owner of the bike shop). The owner rode it only a couple hundred street miles before deciding to build a CRF450 for Hare Scrambles and sold the XR to me. Unfortunately, I was in a car accident shortly after buying the bike and haven't been able to ride it. :lame: The bike has been sitting in the corner of my garage for about four months collecting dust. However, when I went to pull my car into the garage tonight after work I noticed the smell of gasoline. I looked around and found a big puddle of gas under the XR, coming from one of the rubber drain hoses directly in front of the rear tire. :p After sitting for months, why is my XR all of a sudden puking fuel on the ground? :thumbsup: With winter coming and the fact that the garage is heated (natural gas), I need to fix this problem right away so my house don't go boom. I've owned many bikes over the years and this is the first time I ever seen a bike leak fuel from just sitting.

I should also note that the bike is not stock. It has a 6 gallon Acerbis fuel tank, FMF Power Bomb pipe and Q2 series muffler, HRC Hop Up kit, jet kit, and Baja Designs Dual Sport kit, among other things. I'm including some pics of the bike in case I left anything out. Thanks in advance for the help!



On a side note, how do I change my name from DR650Tom to XR650Tom? Obviously I don't ride a Suzuki anymore.

Probably some gunk causing the float or float valve to stick. I just bought a 2000 xr650r that had been in storage for 5 years. Had to clean out the carb 2 or 3 times and run some good fuel through it to get it to stop leaking everytime I shut it down.

If you're not planning on riding it....I personally would just turn the petcock to the "OFF" position.

I agree with the float and needle and seat issue, your float level may need adjustment or you may have some gunk in your need and seat making the fuel flood through the carb and out your overflow, i find it hard to imagine your needle/seat is stuffed but who knows.

Good luck....

If you're not planning on riding it....I personally would just turn the petcock to the "OFF" position.


If you're not planning on riding it....I personally would just turn the petcock to the "OFF" position.

Not only that, but the gas will be junk in the tank too after sitting, drain everything.

Thanks to everyone that made a reply. As far as the petcock is concerned, I shut them both off immdiately after the bike was parked (Acerbis tank uses two petcocks). I've always made a practice of doing this since I began riding motorcycles (25 years ago). I started the bike tonight for the first time since June. I was surprised it started on the second kick. I figured if the float was stuck it would act like it was flooded and wouldn't start (at least easily anyway). Medically I'm just about ready to start riding again so I'll be racking up some miles before it's time to store it for winter.

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