IMS 3+ gal up for trade?

I am looking for a stock size 03 WR450 tank, prefer natural if ya have one.

I do have an IMS 3+ gal tank in great shape we could trade even if anyone wants. Or let me know your price.

Let me know! thanks


My WR has all black plastics, so I really want to stay with a neutral color. Obviously blue tank would look a bit odd. :thumbsup:

i have a question regarding the ims tank installation. how did you get on with the petcock being so low? did you modify the nipple into the carb? i have bought a ims and it seems low and you have to loop the fuel line. I have the standard tank, but blue so I guess of no use to you.




don't think all black with a blue tank is horrible, but I got my 3.something gallon tank from a guy on here for 100 bucks.

I've Got A Stock Blue One Off A 04 Wr450. Let Me Know If You Are Interested.

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