xr650r vs 600 sportbike

I have an R6 and an XRR.

My bottom line is that for any urban type riding the XR is king.

The R6 has basically nothing below 6k rpm and is a pain around town. The XR just eats traffic.

Above 60 mph and the R6 is the choice.


zx7rye, what did you do to get the 9R engine into the 7R frame? Is it a kit or require extensive fabrication? What year engine? I've heard of that swap, but never seen it in person. And it was after I wadded up my '98, anyways. I like the 7R way better than my 9R, (looks, riding position, weight) and would trade it for one in a hearbeat. Even compared to my GSXR's, the 7R is my favorite.

As far as XR650R vs. CBR600, I'd have to say it's all up to the rider. I'm old and slow, yet can spank some guys on newer bikes. Then again, I've been passed like I had the kickstand down by a couple of Super Motards. But, it's the exception, not the rule. As soon as you get to a straight, you can reel them back in again. A Super Motard track, of course the XR will have the advantage. It's what it's made for.

As far as daily rider, it all depends on what you get. And what you're willing to put up with, comfort-wise. And how you want to ride it on the weekend. There are some really good bikes out there that are happy with hauling or commuting. They're not that spendy used, and gas is way cheaper.

I dont have a 600 but i do ride a GSX-R 750 (99 S-RAD). I could swear my 650R would stomp it to about 40MPH, then it would be over, big time, but this is a straight up drag race, i have 2 of my street riding bddies that went/going the SM route, one had an 00RC51 other had an 04R6, neither would go back to a sport bike (we got all crappy tracks so keep that in mind). i am planning to get rid of mine too and supermoto the 650. everyone i talk to with a supermoto just tells me how much more fun they are (ever try jumping a crotch rocket?? the suspention sucks, trust me) and i really dont need to go 100+ all the time, and the sore back, and and.

If the commute is less than 15 miles, I would do it on my dual sport XR650R. If it was more then I would prefer a street bike. I also do not like the fact that it is easier to steal a XR650R than a CBR600 due to the lighter weight and lack of key on the 650R. I do not ride my 650R to the grocery store becuase people steal bikes around here if they (usually about 3 people) can lift it into a truck bed quickly.

My first sport bike was a 1992 CBR1000F repainted black. It was a cadillac of sport bikes. Big motor but wallowed in the turns. I could ride 200 miles and still feel comfortable. I liked it for commuting. Its now outdated and long-gone.

The CBR600F3/F4I with the single piece seats are the most comfortable 600cc inline 4 bikes in my opinion. They have great ergonomics; comfy seat, taller bars, lower pegs. If you find one with a two-piece seat, then it was the year range where Honda was trying to make it more of a racer than a sport bike and the ergonomics suffered. Now honda has the 600RR for the race bike line and the 600F4 for the more relaxed sport bike line. The VFR series is more comfortable and less sport (slower). I prefer the CBR600F4i over the VFR, but that is my preference. The great part about the CBR600F3/F4i is that there are a bunch of them and they are fairly cheap to buy used.

I had a RC-51 and it sux for ergonomics (your elbows touch your knees) and it overheats when it is over 80 degrees outside and you are riding slower than 45 mph. This is due to the unconventional radiator design (designed for racing not commuting). The overheating causes coolant to overflow and spray onto the rear brake disc from wind turbulence which makes the rear brake not work well. It is also slow for a 1000cc bike. The RC-51 is a tough bike to lean quickly from full bank one side to full bank the other side due to its rotational inertia from the massive crank. You actually have to push on the pegs and the bars! It does look cool and sound cool though. Not worth the money for casual riding.

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