Powering GPS from offroad stator?

Has anyone been successful at powering something as low draw as a GPS with lets say, my stock YZ426F stator? I wouldn't mind leaving batteries in it as "backup" when the power drops lower or the bike stalls, but just wondering what other people's experiences are?


You would need, it seems to me, a rectifier and a voltage regulator to get away with that.

I've thought about trying to hardwire my GPS too. Its just easier to take extra batteries with you.

Your YZ426 Stator dosn't put out any power for a GPS.

You will need to upgrade it to a WR426 stator and flywheel ($300 thru www.electrexusa.com) Or electrex also sells a 45watt stator for like $220 that allows you to run the stock YZ flywheel. But I would recomend not getting the 45 watt stator. I had it and was not happy with it. The Wr stator puts out 130 watts. And for only a few dollers more is well worth the extra money in my book.

Then you will need a power inverter from www.cycoactive.com to convert the voltage from AC to DC. pn# 030-0021 $62.30


Then you just need a power cable for the GPS.

good to go.

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