dynojet kit vs jd kit

is there a huge difference between the dynojet jetting kit and the jd jetting kit?

i went to my local moto shop and they don't sell jd they only sold dynojet and being only $90aus compared to $145aus for the jd kit off the net i am umming and ahhing whether just to be a tight arse and go for the dynojet.

he also told me that dynojet was made for aus version of the wr is this true or is he just trying to flog off his product?

seens this is my frist post any info would be awesome.


hey, Melbourne here - i assume that you have an '05WR450F (from your identity)

what mods have you done so far and what pipe are you running?

i'm more than happy with my set-up - let's see if we can get yours to behave like mine?

i have done all of the free mods except for cutting the grey wire. i have the stock exhaust but cut out the first baffle and no end pipe. i live in newcastle so will temp differences effect your setup?

i am quite new to the motor bike scene as this is my first bike so any help is better then none.


Hi there, just interested in what jetting set up you ended up with, I currently have an 06 WR450, all the free mods done ( air box opened up, grey wire ), also run a yoshimura TRC slip on muffler, live down in the south east of south australia and ride mainly sea-level. Current set up is JD red #5 with a 168MJ, 48 pilot.


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