Please Help

Hi guys I am posting on this thread because i know there are a lot of dedicated wr450 owners that will help me out. I am 16 and 183 cm. i am currently riding a 2006 drz 400 enduro and motocross. Im not complaining its a great bike but a little heavy and my dad would like to buy me a new bike. I was considering the wr450f 2006. could you guys please tell me the regular maintenance and any problems encountered with the bike. Could you also please tell me how it handles at motocross.

Thank u to all the guys that reply :thumbsup:

If your focus is more motocross, get the YZF. If it's enduro, get the WR, it's really that simple. The '06 WR has no prevalent maintenance issues, other than needing regular oil and filter changes and an initial valve clearance check at around 300 miles, then once a season for regular, non-competitive use. If you're racing it, I'd go at least every other month on the valves. Bottom line, the YZ will handle motocross much better. The suspension was purpose built with it in mind, while the WR suspension will need substantial reworking to get there. It was built for rocks, roots and ruts rather than triples. The weight difference with the e-start and battery make a noticeable difference as well. So now you know...SC

thanks alot

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