wr400 vs wr426

thinking of maybe buying new..

is the 426 that much better, or should I ride mine for another year or two..


I had the pleasure of riding my 2000 wr back to back with the 2001 wr 426. My impression is the 01 has made noticable improvements in terms of power delivery. The 01 gains RPM's much quicker. I'm toying with the idea of selling my bike because I think the 01 (stock) performs better down low without any mods.


You can get a 420 kit complete (piston kit and cylinder bored and nikasil coated for $350 from Eric Gorr. This IS the route I am going. Clark also went this route.

Eric has been a factory level mechanic for MANY years. I have had work done by him before. He is a good guy. You can reach him at egorr@globaldialog.com.

He has assured me reliability is not compromised. He also said his Nikasil is SUPERIOR to that of Yamaha's.


'99 WZ with all YZ mods, FMF PowerBomb header, Stroker SX-1 silencer, SS front brake line, forked over by Pro-Action, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat.

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