Aftermarket Headlight Questions

Ran a couple fruitless searches... I want to add a head light to my bike, and would like to get something that uses a standard H-4 bulb for obvious reasons. What aftermarket lights can you list that use the H4?

Also, looking at some of the Acerbis units, they say the straps work on forks up to 50 mm, which is too small for inverted forks. Is there an adapter kit?

Thanks all.


I have the exact same question as to which lights can accept H4 style bulbs.

Forget the H4.

Get a Hella FF50. It is an H7 bulb and has the BEST beam pattern there is. Small package.


How do you recommend mounting it? I'm adding a flywheel/stator/capacitor package from trailtech soon and I'm looking for a good light also (CRF250R)

I have a Trailtech stator / flywheel / capacitor & rectifier / regulator on my 05 CRF250R. One way to get more light out of your headlight is to turn the adjustment screw on the side of the recifier up to increase regulation voltage. If you have a system with a battery this is not recommended due to the potential of overcharging but a capacitor really does not much care what voltage it runs at so long as you do not exceed the maximum rated voltage of the capacitor. The maximum capacitor voltage on the capacitors Trailtech supplies is in excess of 20 volts so this is not an issue. As it comes from the factory the regulation voltage of the regulator is about 12.5 voltage. It is very safe to turn the the voltage up to 14.5-15 volts which significantly increases the brightness of most any light you may use. This voltage range is not high enough to significantly shorten bulb life. All it takes is a tiny screwdriver.

Wow, this is an old thread! I actually ended up buying a 55/60W Baja Designs replacement housing for my stock KTM headlight mask. It's WAY brighter than the crappy factory light, hi/lo beam, and DOT legal. Only bad thing is it's a glass lens for DOT, so you really need the roost guard too, unless you never ride offroad or with other people.

I have the Baja Designs headlight and I really like it. You can get one for about $85 and that makes it one of the less expensive units.

A good feature is the H4 bulb. This allows for a wide selection of bulbs. You can match your bulb wattage to what you bike can put out. I am aware of 35/35, 45/45, 55/60, 65/70, 80/85, 55/100, 80/100, 90/110, and 90/130 watt bulbs. A good no BS bulb source is

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