650R air box cover mod ?

other then Al Bakers and Rob Barnums cover and kit are ther any others out there to get more air in the box?

Thats as useful as tits on a bore! Kinda like sticking a supercharger on a RC nitro motor! LOL!

I made my own. The cut out looked like Johhny Campbell's bike and only cost me a few bucks. I cut the panel and screened the backside with fine mesh wardware cloth. It looked really good (always got compliments and several offers to make them for people) and was very functional.

you can buy the kit for like 25 bucks and do it yourself with a rotozip and/or dremel and a pop rivet ....thingy?

Have any pictures of the mod? :thumbsup:

check theese out,, work great for snowmobiles, would probably do the same for bikes, only downside would be you might tear them up if you lay it over,, but I guess you could put some mesh over them to protect them. they will keep the water, and most dirt out,, but still let air in.


Take a 1 1/2 to 2 inch diameter hole saw drill bit and drill three holes diagonal inside the panel, parallel to plastic diagonal rise; space them one inch apart. Look on the inside of the side panel and you will see the rise I am speaking of.

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