Greetings Thumpers!!

I am a proud owner of a 2001 WR426 and I am planning on purchasing two TT-R125's for my 11 year old twin boys. They have never really ridden much and are quite tall for their age. They dwarf a TT-R90 and can easily place both feet on the ground when sitting upon the 125. Am I asking for trouble if I start them out on these bikes just trail-riding with me if I teach them to respect them? Will they be too much for them to handle or are they a little more mellow and good for just putting around?

Does anyone out there own one? Likes and dislikes?

Thanks for the info in advance!

I figure 2 new shiny Yamahas will look nice besides the Christmas tree, I just don't want my guys to kill themselves learning on a bike that is too big.



The TTR 125 is a good choice - mild enough... Similar to XR 125 etc... much more mild than even a YZ80... fine learners bike! Great for 'her indoors' as well... LOL

They are better off learning on a bike the correct size for them... The one issue you may have trouble with is that this class of bike, unlike the PW80/TTR-90 etc, has a clutch... Now that is a good thing in the long run, but it can be tricky to get the hang of... If you have somewhere quite they can practice some clutch control for a few days, they should get the hang of it...

Good luck with the boys and the bikes... seems like a lot of people are getting bikes for their kids this xmas.. me included... :)

I suppose it goes without saying (even though I WILL say it) that good gear is essential - helmet Sturdy boots, long sleeve top, long Pants, gloves - you get the idea...


BTW, this model has a smaller and a 'big wheel' version - at least here in Australia...


I bought a TTR 125L for My Daughter when I got My WR. She is 12 and had never ridden before. I have to say those little bikes are great far superior to the XR’s in my opinion. A great bike for beginners the power band is broad and smooth. She can start it generally in 1 kick and can easily pick it back up after a spill. I will say they are cold blooded she has to let it warm up for some time before it will idle other then that I have not a bad thing to say. You should defiantly get the L model as they will get more out of it before the need to step up to a bigger model. Good luck happy shopping you will have some happy boys come X-mas.


PS. Yamaha has some good promotions on that model right now.

Fourstroker, I bought a TTR125L for my son when he was 11, we ride at a local MX track, it was a great bike to learn on but within a month he was getting faster and the TTR started falling apart. First the chain came off because it does not have a real chain guide in the rear, a twig derailled the chain and it broke the engine cases when it came off(no help from Yamaha) lost all the engine oil but saved the engine, BBR chain guide a must! second the rear hub exploded, I installed an 0-ring chain which had very little flex and stretch and set it to the tight side of the specs, my son landed off a jump and the bike would not move, broke all the studs out of the hub, use a good chain but do not adjust as tight as yamaha says. third the frame broke, my son came back to the car complaining about the bike downshifting by itself when landing from jumps, very dangerous, the frame was broken almost in half, I welded and gusseted the frame and installed a BBR frame connecter and 30% heavier springs frt and rear per BBR (my son weighed 85# at the time). fourth the rims turn square in very short order, they are very soft steel rims, the frt now goes flat because the gap between the bead of the tire and the rim is so wide the tube gets pinched,( spokes were adjusted after every ride and they needed it) Excel rims cost $250 a pair because of the special drilling. On every crash the shifter and handlebars will be bent and the forks will be twisted, very cold blooded needs to be rejetted on slow circuit and main, hard to find jets. My son took to riding very quickly and I know he is over using the bike, my purpose here is to inform you that this bike is a toy compared to any 80cc mx bike or a kx 100 which is about the same size. If your boys just trail ride it would be fine with just the chain guide mod, but knowing that age of boy if they start racing against themselves or copying dad you could be in for some expense and 2 new bikes very shortly. I am a mechanic and do all the work on my bikes, this bike was perfectly maintained after every ride(oil changed,spokes tightened, tire pressures, all bolts tightened, and completely cleaned and inspected), I have spent hundreds of dollars on this bike and wish I would have bought a KX 100. Make sure if you buy this bike you know what it is, don't underestimate your sons ability to learn quickly, and be prepared to replaced it soon. I understand what you are going through trying to find a bike for a kid that size it isn't easy especially when you need to 2, and they grow so fast. I didn't mean to sound negative just wanted you to be informed on my experience. Good Luck! Mike

Wow! That sucks. I ride my girlfriends TTR125L on the mini track at Elsinore (and I weigh 240lbs) and I've never broken anything. We have BBR stiffer springs front and rear but I obviously still bottom out like crazy on it. We also have the DC lower engine cradle... that is a MUST have if you jump the bike, otherwise you'll break or stretch the frame in no time at all. The problem with the chain adjustment is the "snail cam" adjusters... sometimes you can't get a perfect adjustment and have to settle on slightly loose which is better than too tight. We don't have the chain guide yet but I'm going to get that soon. Even with me getting a little enthusiastic with it and bottoming hard, we haven't had a wheel come out of true yet, in fact, we haven't had one single problem of any type so far... we've been riding it every weekend since March.

if your kids are tall 11year olds you have to get the L model, my son is an average 10year old and he rides the 125L just fine, the short 125 might be more comfortable but just for a day or so and by next year they would be too big for it too.

As far as the bike falling apart, I haven't had any problems other than bending the bars but that is what can happen when the bike goes tumbleing down a hill end over end. We love the bike, it has the lightest cluth pull i have ever seen. As far as the track goes this bike isn't made to fly, it is fun to fly around the track but dont expect to catch alot of air.

I bought a 2001 TTR 125 for my wife's first bike. She loves it was easy to teach her how to use the clutch brakes ect... It has been a sturdy bike with no problems at all. Easy to change air filters, oil and easy to clean. This is not a Moto-Cross bike it is a beginners bike that rides like a Work Horse great for trails, woods and hills and very light Moto-Cross training due to the lack of suspension.





my bro is gonna buy a ttr125l on tuesday (found a good deal.) he has a cr80e for sale if anyone is looking for a bike. it is posted in the classifieds on

i don't know if this is the bike he thinks he is getting. he loves to jumpt the 30 foot tabletop in our back yard, and doesn't get very high when doing it, but i still don't know. he does just fine on my dad's 87 xr200.

i thinkhe should get an xr250, but he doesn't like the way they look, so he calls them gay...

as for this 125, they have probably the largest trick-hop-up market in the history of aftermarket dirtbikes. they have a bulletproff trail engine, and there has been a bbr modified one at my local track with a huge guy on it, and it seemed to run like a 250f....or at least he rode it taht way. he was clearing all the doubles (even the BIG ones that i won't do on my wr.)

anyways, my bro wants to get out of racing (he doesn't ahve anyfun doing it), and di have a feeling this bike will just be a holdin bike till he gets enuff for a crf230.

i'd say get them xr200's, cuz i have a 95 (although now somewhat modified), but they are a great trailbike, have about the same seat height as a ttr125, and can take a lickin and keep on tickin. this bike (xr200) has to have the mellowest engine on the planet in stock form.

my $.02

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