WR 426 Red Hot Pipe

Went for a night ride on a 2002 WR 426 that belongs to my boss. I ride a 01 Yz426. I have never ridden my bike in complete dark (no light) so I don't know if my pipe gets that hot. The WR's pipe was glowing red. Is this normal. We were riding at 6500' and the bike has stock jetting.


Gee I dunno mate-I did a search and this topic has never come up before. Best thing would be to sell it before the motor blows up!!!

Normal,Might be a little lean but the pipe thing is Normal.

Normal,Might be a little lean but the pipe thing is Normal.

No its DEFINATELY NOT NORMAL!! This is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing, and I sure as hell didnt see another post just yesterday on the same topic. This is a very rare-most likely a production malfunction which would have resulted in all your valves being burnt out!! Destroy it IMMEDIATELY

What did the Australian do after raking the leaves?

A: He fell out of the tree

may be running lean i agree, happens at the dunes often when we night ride...cooler air and all..


This is normal from what I have seen and heard. I know the search function rarely works but there are plenty of other threads on this subject. Lots of 400-450's glow when stopped but should go away once your moving again.

Ya what ever you say Flathead

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