650L Cracked Side Case

I had posted pics earlier of my sheetmetal plate, I just cut it to shape, and glued it onto the side cover with silicone glue ... its still there, and has some nice deep scratches where I dumped it occasionally (I crash a LOT) ... :devil:

I did the same to my 82 XL500...threw some JB weld on it and it ran for years without a problem

I did this too, fortunately I was on top of the mountain. Put it in N and coasted down. Got the aftermarket folding Moose shifter and filed down the sharp edges on the back to decrease the chance of going all the way through the case. Luckily, I haven't tested the effectiveness of this set up and hope I never do.

Thank you Roadcam. I was looking at your fix, then spilled this weekend. Did not crack case, but put a scare into me! I liked your fix, but took it a step further! Used 1/8 aluminum making a little larger piece than you had made so it covered the entire front bottom half of case, then wrapped a strip of same 1/8 aluminum underneath the bottom of case. Used J B weld to attach as it had a higher temp rating than others. Took maybe 1 hour, looks great. I think it will take a lot to crack case now.

Love when I can learn from others. Thanks again!!!

I REALLY need to do that mod. I dumped my 650-L HARD on the left side this past weekend on a hard-packed clay road (think concrete). The case now has a big gouge in it, but no apparent cracks and nothing is leaking. I got off easy... this time.

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