Easy Pull Clutch gizmo

This is on my CRF 450 but I would think the same would apply to the L & R.

I don't think many at all (??) use this but just thought I'd let ya all know that this thing works great and feels as easy as a hydraulic clutch or darn close to it. I bought mine used a while back off a TT member.


While I could not feel much of a difference between the three settings, it certainly does make the pull much easier on ANY setting.

Because it adds length to the cable, you have to reroute (just at the triple clamp) your cable a bit which I found to be no big deal.

I just went out to the garage and worked the lever and REALLY, it does feel as easy as a hydraulic one at a fraction of the cost!!

Try it, most likely you'll like it! :thumbsup:

Hi. glad you like that gizmo. I would recommend that you be careful about the amount of free play that your lever has. It is difficult to tell with that device how much you have. I ran a couple of those on two CR 500s and on one I ended up melting the cam that pushes on the rod that goes to the clutch. In addition it melted the rod to the ball bearing that fits in the clutch throwout mechanism. I thought I had play but as you may have noticed, the clutch is so easy to pull its hard to tell whats play and whats disingaging. so you cant tell whether the clutch is dragging or not. Cheers. Keep the wheel side down.

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