i hate the brake reservior

well, as normal, my 1998 400f plastic remotely located rear brake reservior finally gave out on the mounting tab. it survived a long time by being zip tied to the frame guard, but i finally fixed it. i did a search and a couple of people were fiberglassing and epoxying them.

i just got a used master cylinder from a 2003 450, measured the mounting holes and installed it in place of the original. flushed out the system with motul and now she should be good to go forever now! woot woot! :thumbsup:

i dunno why they even bothered using plastic down there. if they wanted to mount the reservior away from the MC, they shoulda used an aluminum tank or something.

I hate mine too, it´s a pain in the ass, I should do the same thing you did

ya man. i was skeptical cause i searched and couldnt find a write up of anyone else that did it. but heck, for a $40 master cylinder from eBay, ill never have to worry about it again. i dont even know what yama was thinking when they put that thing right next to the exhaust pipe.

at least my buddy's XR650R has the reservior way above the pie just under the seat nicely tucked away.

I priced one out, rear brake reservoir....16.00 .....01 426...

yep...funny, the zip tie outlasted the reservior by a whole bunch. yamaha shoulda bought stock in those things! hahaha.

i think a new M/C for the 450 is 90-$100. so id keep an eye on ebay of youre gonna go the route i went.

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