Water in frame


I have an '05 YZ450 that I bought new mid last year. A little while ago I noticed that if I sit on it and rock back and forward rusty water comes out the drain hole near the left footpeg. Ever since noticing it I have made sure I give it a good shake after each wash and squirted plenty of WD-40 into it.

It looks to me like the drain hole is in the wrong place:


I am seriously considering drilling a new (additional) hole at the lowest point in the frame to let the water out. The other side of the frame has quite a large hole in the "correct" place...

Anyone else had this problem? Any thoughts, comments or suggestions?



Those aren't really drains, they are vent holes that prevent air from being trapped at either an abnormally high or low pressure inside the frame assembly during or after the welding process. They are placed on th ebottom so they don't become fill holes instead of drains, but they aren't always optimally placed for the best drainage.

If you think you need to add more, just use your head as to how big the holes are and where.

I just noticed the same thing on my '03 this past weekend. I was wondering what I was going to do also. The wd40 idea is good, I hadn't thought of that.

I caulked mine shut before I rode it. That way no water could get in.

Grey is correct about the reason for the holes in the frame, when building aircraft fuselage structures we go back and put a dab of weld in the hole to seal it.

WD-40 is not the best product for this as it is slightly acidic, no short term problems but over the life of the frame probably not the best to use. Check out a couple products for corrosion prevention that work extremely well:

1) ACF-50

2) BoeShield (developed by Boeing)

Once you are sure you have the frame dried out and corrosion proofed you can insert a blind pop rivet in the hole to seal it.

WD-40 works awesome for rust prevention, my dad let a couple of his classic cars sit in a garage for 8 years as we where over seas. Came back restored the cars and the guy that painted the car said he never a car in better shape. I believe in the stuff.

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