My L is ALMOST perfect (? about CDI)

I gotta say My L has been kickin' Ass, but I think my CDI might be failing.

Here's my reasoning this weekend when I went out for a ride my bike started to run like crap after it started raining. Then after it dried out it was fine mostly, except that on the slab back I could only go about 65/70mph maxed out full throttle (bike wasn't revving out, it just wouldn't pull anymore in 5th, just brrrrrppp not BRAAAAAP). And on a few occasions other times the motor has kind of hiccuped like it was fuel starved but only for a quick second and then would be fine.

I was well overdue for some maintenance so on Sunday I did a Valve check/adjust (they weren't out of spec at all and the bike has ~10,000 on it now and I've never checked and got the bike with 4K on it), cleaned it well and spooned on a new back tire. While was doing the Valve adjust I figured I'd pull the plug and see how much spark it was putting off. When I cranked it the plug didn't put out a continous spark just a good strong spark every several turns of the motor. Maybe that's normal I'm used to 2smoke snowmobiles that when you pull the recoil the plugs fire rapidly.

I was going to just buy a new CDI from Service Honda but didn't see anything in the Fiche labeled CDI. Just Rectifier. Anyone got a part # on the CDI?

Rain and wet

Sure you just don't have water in the fuel or dirt in the carb?

Just a quick and real cheap check for you first

Sometimes it is way cheaper to check the things you don't think can cause the problem

As well check your kill switch and all wires on the bike

I had a XT350 years ago that did the same thing and had a mechanic check it out for me

Ended up being a chaffed wire under the seat

This happens a lot when you get dust in the kill switch. The Kill switch is better on the "L" the dirt bikes but, same thing happens.

I'll put some dielectric goo on the electrical connectors to see if that helps at all. And clean all the contacts with electrical cleaner.

I know I don't have any water in the fuel and I recently had the carb apart it was super clean. This bike also only sees dirt on the rare occasion it's set-up as a supermoto.

On my ride home from work it was doing the same thing again. Full throttle wouldn't go past about 70-75 and got a few sputters at wide open in top gear.

I hope I can isolate the problem quickly, I've got a DS ride planned in FL in a couple more weekends and might have to go out of town soon :thumbsup:

Does it pull hard in the lower gears?

aLL good suggestions, Id also check the CDI but a CDI going out usually exhibits either bad running after warmup, or hard starting and runs poor until warmup. I think you may have some residual water in the CDI or other plugs under the tank or seat. Try de-watering them all.

Does it pull hard in the lower gears?

yup pulls like a raped ape! It's just 5th Wide Open that I'm having the problem with.

Bike used to bury the speedo (w/17s) and now only goes to about 95 (more like 75mph actual speed) it just won't pull anymore.

yup pulls like a raped ape! It's just 5th Wide Open that I'm having the problem with.

Bike used to bury the speedo (w/17s) and now only goes to about 95 (more like 75mph actual speed) it just won't pull anymore.

It sounds like it may be carb related. Do you have the CV on there still?

It sounds like it may be carb related. Do you have the CV on there still?

Yes and I think you are right :devil:, Today I didn't have no problem with 5th gear hitting close to top end out on the slab, but I had it die 2x at idle which hasn't happened in a long time.

My conclusion is the stock carb is a P.O.S and just slightly better with Dave's Mods. I see an Edlebrock in my not so distant future.

When My CDI went bad the bike would cough and than die. At first it would just start right up and keep going due to the compression and would go another 20-30 minutes and do it again. Eventually it was 5-10 minutes and eventually once it died I would have to let it sit for a while 10-20 minutes.

CDI's are expensive so here are a few questions from a mechanical novice that I would check first.

Is your air filter clean? To much oil on it? That could cause problems when full throttle. I over oiled mine and it did not really affect the lower gears.

Since it seems to be running good in low gears.

I would also check your jets to see if it was clogged or dirty. I cant remember if the main or pilot is used in higher gears but a quick search or someone here will tell you soon.

Yeah this carb thing is driving me nuts :devil: on the way home from work I had the 5th gear top end problem again.

Cleaning the airfilter is another trick I'll try. I'll try getting this mess straightened out on Saturday before I leave for work for 2weeks. When I get back I leave for some trail riding in FL. Luckily there's no need to that fast on sandy trails so even if I don't get it straight before then I'll still have a capable bike.

I found my Problem


The Big Gun exhaust is definetly poorly built

Link to another pic

yet another

and another

At first I cleaned my K&N and reoiled, cleaned all the oil spray out of the airbox and fully dissassembled the carb and cleaned it. Then I said to myself "Hey let me see if there's some fiberglass blocking one of them ports in the "Quiet Insert", Sure enough the entire insert was F'ed.

The Bike is AWESOME NOW!!!!!!! :devil::excuseme: The front tire will reach for the sky by just whacking the throttle in first. Before I had to stand on the pegs and really work to get the wheel up and it'd only come up 6" to a foot. Now that sucker will go way up! :thumbsdn: I need to learn how to ride them better.

I took it out on the expressway and it'll just about BURY the speedo. I had it up to 105 indicated and it was still climbing (not very fast), but it got to 105 no problem. :cry:

This thing feels like a whole new bike! It's loud as hell but I'm lovin' every minute of this power increase. It's still nowhere near as load as a harley piped or a D&D equipped sport bike, but louder than I'd care to have it. :thumbsdn:

Hey all,

I just replaced my CDI. It was stalling at low rpm's sometimes with a little fart of a backfire. I checked valves , loose wires and had the carb off four times to play with jetting none had any effect.I couldnt always make it stall the same way some times it would stall while idleing for a minute sometimes two minutes. It would stall coming to a stop or taking off but would always start right back up.After replacing the cdi it hasent stalled once.I got my cdi from Bike Bandit approx. $125.00 money well spent for a piece of mind. Good luck.

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