Satch's GMB V Pictures

Thought I would post this here in the YZF Forum as well.

The following are pictures taken by Ms. Satch this past weekend. She is pretty handy with a low rent digital camera! :thumbsup: There is even a very (and I mean VERY) short video clip of me and #9 clearing the triple step up.

My favorites are the pictures she took of me riding Garrett's bike. Mike, I can't thank you enough for offering that to me. I chickened out in the past but this year it was truly something I hoped I would be offered again. For those of you who have ridden 393 you know how special it is. I was the first to ride the bike Saturday and Mike said, "turn on the gas, choke it and it will start on the 3rd kick". It did exactly that. I was not even out of the pit area and I was grinning from ear to ear. Once on the track, Garrett and I took it around the track and although I am not in the same league, I tried to do it a little justice. This bike is a rocketship. I can see why Garrett loved it so much. Thank you again Mike.

As always this was a special weekend for me and my family. Kirtwell and his crew are like family to us just like much of the group at the GMB. Curtis....thanks for setting up the trailer for us. That made the weekend much more fun not having to worry about the bikes at night and having something to pit out of. You rock Curtis! (even if you did make Ginger go to the trailer and get a beer so you could take one sip and pass out! HAHAHA :lame: )

Well I will shut up and give you guys the link to the pictures!


Thanks for the pics satch, looks like you had a nice time there. And the triple clearing looked nice, I could hear "oh my God" in the clip. :devil:

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