Waiting patiently for the UPS guy...

orderd a JD jetting kit for my 02' 426 last night, along with a SS oil filter(had to order more than 99 bucks for the free shipping :thumbsup: ). i hope hte jetting kit comes wiht lots of instrcutions cause ive never had one of htese carbs apart...and since i had to take 12 outta the 16 plates on my WB E-series pipe, the bike runs like crap now, so i dont know if i should jet it for the WB pipe, or my FMF Q series....stupid rangers and their stupid noise laws..it wasnt even that loud...103 dB, luckly no ticket, but hte did tell me to park the bike fo rht erest of the day (untill i pulled out the necesadry plates to get it to pass the sound test)

thanks JBrook, that helped quite a bit, i feel more comforatble wiht my carb now. so quick question, when we go up to stonyford adn the bike starts cutting out cause its starts runnig real rich (less air with higher altitude) would i just move the little clip on the needle up to lean it out? or do i have to change the main, leak and pilot aswell? thanks again for that sweeet link.

It all depends on where in the throttle range you are having trouble. If you are having problem sat WOT then you will need to change the main. Problems below 3/4 adjust your fuel screw and see if you can clean it up. If you get your screw set less than 1/2 turn out you will want to move down one size on the pilot and then re-adjust your fuel screw. If this doesn't clean it up for you then set it where it works the best and then drop the needle like you said 1 clip position at a time. Moving the clip up on the needle makes leans it out and down on the needle makes it richer. Record your final settings and all you will need to do in the future will be minor fuel screw adjustments once you get your settings dialed in because you will be able to set it up at home and won't have to do much once you get there. Hope this helps.


sweet. thanks again! it should be here tomorrow. :devil:

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