While the carbs out....

Took the carby out tonite so I can finally do the BK mod, and was wondering if there was anything else I should do to it? I already went to clip#4, now maybe I should do the ACV? (You know, the "Scott in KC" mod!) :)

I have better luck when I do only one mod at a time lot's easer to troubleshoot if you have problems. My 2¢

I hear ya, Cuda. Theres been a ton of R&D on the BK, and I figure its pretty much a straight deal.

Did the BK mod today. Looks like the squirt is a bit less than one second. Didnt touch the timing screw, just the one I tapped, and it looks good. The original squirt was 3.5 sec's.

Will get a chance to ride tomorrow to finally check it out.

Thanks to all for the skinny on the BK!

While you've got it out clean the accelerator pump!

Mr T

:) Birds and small animals, huh?!

Don't do the ACV mod yet, it's right there and easy to get too whenever...as are the jets. Get it running good with the BK mod...then proceed. The ACV mod will require you to drop down on the pilot...I'm back to a 42/100 and it runs great.

Get that carb back on there!! Birds & small animals, seeking warmth & a cheap buzz, will get in your engine when the carb is off!!

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