xr400 supermotard differences

All help appreciated on this, I am living in Asia, so reliable info is hard to come by. Anyway i have been offered a good deal on a near new XR400 supermotard, but what i want/need is the enduro. Is there any geniuses out there with all the info on the true differences other than cosmetic between the bikes, such as is the steering head angle, forks etc different. if its possoble to convert the supermotard to enduro without super major surgery i will tackle the project. with new wheels, springs etc. if not just have to keep waiting for the right bike.

thanks in advance


i would by the bike just because it looks sooooo sweet. the USD forks and white plastics. mmmm. just buy some new rims and tires and you'd be set. The XR4 is probably the best and most reliable trail/enduro bike out there. I wouldnt pass it up if its a good deal. Just my 2 cents

I fully agree,If its a sweet deal,scoop that baby up,or someone else will,move fast!!!You can put on different rubber and rims,you see, thats the beauty of an XR,they can be a full dirt bike,or a dual sport or a supermoto,its your choice.

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