Clutch feel - Touch and go

Any clutch advice for a '99 WR would be so appreciated: :thumbsdn: what does a clutch that needs replacement feel like? I've been riding the bike since July, over the last few weeks the clutch engagement has been sticky and slow, hardly engaging into first gear on start up smoothly and a real slow, labored role with the clutch fully engaged and the bike shifted into any gear. I adjusted the clutch last night,. cable and level movement are in spec but really stiff. The cable and all moving parts are lubed. What the deeper issue? :devil:

There's only one way to know for sure, and that's to crack it open and take a look. Look for burnt friction plates, bluing of the steel plates and check for scalloping on the inside of the basket teeth. Another issue may be spring wear which usually results in slippage. Let us know what you find...SC

Will do tonight :devil:

So I pulled the clutches out last night: everthing inside looked beautiful! Every part appeared to be almost brand new, clutche plates in great condition, pressure plates nice and clean, springs tense, and the clutch basket and boss no scaring. The clutch push pin did have a small blemish, but nothing that seemed it would hinder its purpose.

On reassembly clutch did the same thing: warm or cold engine = hard clutch engage with lots of drag on the engine in all gears. Am I missing somthing? Clutch cable is adjusted almost all the way out. :devil:

Did you measure the springs......? I just went through mine (an 05) and the only thing wrong was the springs. In the manual they give you the tolerances.

New clutch cable would be a good idea and not that expensive if notheing else it will improve the feel.

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