Question on 15:45 gearing for XR600

I recently changed my XR600 sprockets to 15:45 from 15:48 (stock is 14:48). I use my bike for dual-sporting and the bike is much nicer to ride on the street now. I would like to keep the 45 tooth rear and switch to a 13 or 14 tooth frontsprocket when I do serious off-road stuff. What is the recommended chain length (108 or 110 links)for this setup?

Someone here on TT originally suggested this idea to me years ago.


Ok, I did 14 (stock) front, and 42 rear because I ride mine (supermotoed) on the street 99% of the ride time. I may do the same thing as you, go to a 13 counter if I want to do some quicker accel or dirt riding but I think I wouldn't do anything to the chain because I could still adjust it with the 13 and the adjusters....what r u trying to do? taking one tooth off the front or adding 1 tooth is like a change of 3 in the rear, so by going from 14~48 to 15~45 your final drive didn't change from stock. Now, if you go to 14~45, it would be like stock less three teeth in the rear....higher than stock therefore quicker but less topend. I did 15~42 and went from 90 on top end to 102 or so top end.

Actually 15:45 and 14:42 are both exactly the same, a 1:3 ratio. How many links are in your chain?


I have 15/45 and switch on dirt 14/45- 110 links

I think I cut about 4 links out of the stock leinght chain so it would be 106

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