Thor boots for sale-size 13

Pair of size 13 THOR boots. Nice $50.00

Have pictures? What model What color? What year? How much for shipping?

They are black. I used them about twelve times. They are very clean. Only visable marks anywhere is on the sole where I kick start the bike. They are THOR boots. steel tipped toes. Four buckles up the sides and velcro at the top. They are still new enough they stand up and hold their shape like new. I hurt myself and sold my bike. Inside is like new. No disappointment here. I'm guessing under $10.00 shipping anywhere in the U.S.


I know they are Thors, but what is the model name/number? I would like to know so I can check them out before I fork over the dough! You are working on a buyer. Ryan

I believe they are Thor T-20 Boots and sold for $130.00 at my local Yamaha shop. The only thing listed on the inside is a tag with a "#327 Boot"

I will get a camera and send pictures to anyone interested.

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