What Tire Pressure to run in mh3?

06yz450f just got me some new Mich mh3s what pressure should I run front and rear?

On tracks I run 12psi & out in the desert I run 15psi.

11 psi. I have never got a flat. They have a pretty thick sidewall.

i just checked mine from my last ride..and there was only like 5psi....YIKES!! i like to run about 8-10 in the rear in the winter time with all the mud when trail riding. lets the tire grab a little better. front stays about 12-15 year round..dont wanna bend those nice excel rims...)

I run 14-15 PSI year around in the desert. Great tire, good choice

I run 12 psi up front and 10 psi on the rear. I run the Michelin Ultra heavy duty tubes, I couldn't run those psi's without the heavy duty tubes.

michelin tires have very stiff sidewalls I run a michelin on my 426 in the rear

I run about 5 or 6 lbs. for loamy conditions. it hooks up great, nothing like

a S12 for traction

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