cash back?

On yamaha's website there is somthing about cashback on a 2007 or later model.I would like to know if this is with there financing or any cash offer?If this is the case i will know what i can spend on the new scoot!!!!

Thought you paid 6400 otd in an older post? I know it's late, I work graveyard shift this month!

I gonna pay 6400 soon as it comes in.Over on there website there is something about a 300 cashback offer.I dont know if this is only for there financing or if it's something for all buyers.

I don't think the cash back depends on using their financing. They are also doing 12 month no interest and no payments.

I think the 12 month 0 0 0 is no longer available. At least thats what my dealer told me.

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