00 XR650R- H4 Light Question?????

Okay; I know I can put an H3 on a instead of the stock bulb... but I have an H4 60/55 watt bulb; bought the glass lens (xr250) from Service Honda and the H4 plug adaptor from BajaDesigns.

The plug in the rear of the glass light is too small for the H4; I pulled it out and now the H4 fits into the light but there is no way to make it stay (it just sits in the loose.

Has anyone ever put an H4 in the same light???? Thanks for your help!

You may get it to fit but your stock stator will not power that bulb. Better look for an upgrade. Either buy a rewound stator or DIY. The links are here if you do the search. Needs to be done anyway if you plan to dual sport it.

On a side note what bulb does the L take? I am not all that happy with the light output on my bike and want to do some sort of upgrade.

Called Bajadesigns and I need an entirely different headlamp for the H4. The glass lamp I spoke of only fits a H3.


Lots of guys run with an H3 and are quite happy with it. Bulbs are available in just about any wattage you could want (or power). As far as I can tell there is no diff in lumens per watt, either bulb will take care of you.

But like the others have said, you gotta upgrade your stator. You will need more juice for either the H3 or the H4.

DIY is not big sweat, I did two of them this summer - mine and my son's. Costs about $25, for the wire and epoxy. Takes about 1.5 hour to remove, strip the old wire, rewind and epoxy it. Let it setup good over night and re-install it. Lots of good instructions in TT (snagglexr650 has the best, imho). PM snagglexr650 and he'll give you the details, ordering info, etc. Then you can join "The Few, the Proud, The Stator-rewinders". :devil:

Or you can pay $125-150 for a modded one.

Back to post: if you already have a glass lens that is set for the H3, I'd go with the H3.

I use a 100-watt H3 I got from Baja Designs. I rewound my own stator and this light is HELLA bright. I actually like it better than I liked my buddy's 8" Baja Designs HID race light (I don't care for the HID light color).

Just be careful if you use this on the road- it's blinding to oncoming traffic. I don't know if you can get a high-low light in an H3 form factor bulb.

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