Water pump for the R

Hey Y'all,

Has anyone replaced the water pump on the R? I am going through redoing a lot of the bike and I thought what the heck. What does it take to do it and is it worth it to help the cooling system. How do you tell if the pump is flowing like it should? I have checked the radiator when the cap is off and the water moves but I am still curious if it could be flowing better. Thanks, Tony

I don't know of anyone that has replaced the water pump on a 650R. Unless the thing is leaking, why bother? If you can see the water flowing through the system, the pump is doing its job. The thermostat restricts the flow more than a slightly worn water pump impeller ever could.

If you really do feel the need to change the water pump, it unbolts from the right side of the engine as a complete assembly. The pump housing has o-rings for the oil seal to the cases, so you can change it in a race very quickly. I'm sure that was one of the things added to the list for the ultimate Honda Baja race bike when it was designed: a quick change water pump.

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