06 WR 450 Advice

Hey- Just wondering if I could get some advice. I bought a WR450 in March, it is my first bike. I have be on it about 6 times, probably 25-30 hours. I changed the oil after the first 5 hours and I will change it again soon. How often do you recommend. I am getting ready to do all the mods to it this week... aka Pipe, gray wire, Throttle stop all the good stuff... Also the book calls for valve checks which my dealership wants some stupied amount to do. I talked to a few guys I know with 450's and they said just ride the hell out of it another season and then get the valves checked... What do you think I should do? Also is there any other stuff you would do aka fluids changed before we get ready for a kick ass season approaching fast?

Your in Cali, so that means the season is all year long.

Change the oil after every other three rides. Its cheap. Clean your filter also. AFter a couple of times, it will take you 20 mins to do. Change your oil filter on every third oil change. Keep tons of oil, a few filters, filter cleaner and filter lube in your garage.

In the beginning, I would think that you want to change your oil more often. According to what you state you are doing, I would walk away from the computer and go change your oil right now!.

Check your own valves. Get the motopowervideo and you can do it yourself. That video makes everything so easy...

Change that rear tire. Once you do the mods, you will find that wheel spinning all over the place. Mine used to scare the absolute hell out of me. Since it is your first bike, and I am assuming that you are still working on your skills, get a trials tire. I did and I am now having a hard time considering anything else.

then replace that front tire before it washes out on you, the bike falls on your leg and you end up on crutches. Just in case you wait too late to do this, I have spare crutches and an expensive air cast boot for sale.

Use heavy duty or ultra heavy duty tubes for both.

After the tires, get new springs for your weight for the front and rear. Set your sag. Its a piece of cake to do these things yourself, including changing your tire. It will be better for you to know how to do this stuff instead of being stuck out in the middle of nowhere.

Last thing you will need is some bar protectors. I have the moose racing ones. Nothing will get damaged quicker than the levers and grips. Once they do, your day is over.

Have fun and I hope to see you out there.

I would not recommend leaving your old oil filter in for more than one oil change. I also wouldn't calculate oil changes by riding days, unless you're changing it every day you ride or your ride days are always the same.

You should be changing your oil at no more than 10 hours, but I change mine every ride day or weekend. I use a stainless filter, which gets cleaned every oil change. If you want to stretch your dollar with the filters, get a stainless one, but don't use old filters. You'll be much better served if you use cheap oil and change it and the filter frequently than using expensive oil with long OCI's and multiple oil changes on the filter.

Thanks for the adivce, Couple more questions. You are the first to ever talk about changing my tire to a trail tire. I ride mostly trails so that term trail tire makes sense but what will I notice different? As for oil changes, I will do it this weekend. I am going to change the filter everytime I change the oil though from what I heard its the way to go. I just bought a white brothers alum full system and get it tomorrow. I dont think I need to rejet that thing with the white bros system but do I need to do anything else to make it run better?

Not a trail tire, a TRIALS tire. They are supposed to have unbelievable grip, but I'm not sure it's best if you're really fast and/or ride lots of rocky terrain. :devil: They're meant to be run at much lower pressures, so if you're bouncing off rocks you might end up with a pinch flat or a bent rim. I don't speak from experience, though.

You'll probably need to re-jet after the exhaust and free mods. Check the sticky at the top of the forum for specs that match your exact bike and riding conditions.

bg10459, you are right about doing it by hours. I change my oil after every third ride. I think I said it wrong before. A ride for me, is my usual sunday morning 9am-12pm run through the desert where I do about 45 miles or so, but never hit reserve on the tank. That would be about 125-135 miles per oil change, 250-300 miles per filter change. I think that's ok, but I could be wrong.

Regarding the "trials" tire, they do in fact have unbelieveable grip. You are right in that expert riders want more control when purposely sliding or spinning their tire. But only really experienced riders wouldn't like the extra traction. The sidewall on them are pretty stiff, much stiffer than the Dunlop 756 that I just put on the front.

I run 12-13 lbs of pressue. It feels almost perfect. After about six months, I have no downsides.

You will definitely have to rejet. But its a piece of cake. Just get the videos that I mentioned. However, the tutorials found on this site are more than good enough.

Regarding the valves.....Probably want to adjust them soon, I have only needed a initial adjustment at around 600 miles now at 3800 still in spec...

What brand / size Trials tires are being used. I imagine you are refering to the actual competion trials tires, not the look alike piece of crap ones that used to come on the dual sports of old.


I use an IRC TR011 trials tire on the rear. Its a tubless tire (stiffer sidewall), but I run it with a tube just like everyone else.

Stick like friggin glue all the time. No wheelspin on accidental throttle blips.

I live in Northern Ohio. Lots of mud up this way. How do the Trials tires work in the mud? All knobbies load up in the clay we have up here and once they do, you might as well be running a slick.

I hear they work ok in the mud.

Try scanning the offroad forum for trials tire and you will find tons and tons of information.

Its now 3:30 AM and I just got done changing the radiator, taking off my pipe, and starting the mods that you guys have told me to do...( I also had a few beers with some buddies so I was takin my time). The bike is all apart right now but it was super simple to do most of the mods! Just wanted to say thanks a lot for all your help. Any advice for air filter mods? Also I know I need to get the emissions removal kit for it. I have the bike all apart right now how hard is that to install? Should I have the dealer do it when I have them grind the throttle stop next week?

Don't let the dealer do any of it. If you don't want to cut the throttle stop, put a yz one in. :devil:

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