Skidplate Recommenations??

Hey Guys

I am curious what others are using/recommend? I have always used Moose products with great luck, but have been out of the loop for so long, i was wonderng if there was something better?

This would be for an "L" Model

Thoughts and/or suggestions?


NOTE: Yes, i know i boogered up the spelling of the subject line! :devil:

They have them here, At the TT store............ :devil:

I've got a brand new Moose skidplate for an "L" if you're interested.

I don't use one. I commute on mine and often sit in traffic with tarmac temps over 130º. I feel that a skid plate would restrict airflow to the motor and hold in heat. Where I ride offroad is very sandy and very few rocks are to be found.

I've got a brand new Moose skidplate for an "L" if you're interested.

PM Sent.

Would that fit on an "R"...could I get that from you? Thanks.


I think Boston Mangler should get first dibs, since he was offered first. Only seems fair, and an L version wont fit R, by a mile!

I have bought several used items from a TT member through here and it was a perfect transaction each time and saved me %50 off cost.

Thanks MGS :devil:

Dude, buy the plate if the price is right, easy to bolt on and a necessary mod.

All PM's were responded to. By the way, the skidplate also fits XR600R models.

True, I mis-typed. I meant it would not fit an XR650R water cooled not a 600r air cooled.

As we know a ton of great parts fit the older R and L

Thank God !

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