St Anthony's Dunes - Jetting

I'm taking my 06 YZF450 to St Anthony's dunes for the first time. I'm a recently converted 2 stroke rider (and yes the YZF is everything I imagined). I usually bumped the main jet up 2 sizes and the needle one step richer on my 2 stroke. What's the usual jetting increase for big sand dunes? Up one on the main? Two? I'm currently running a 45 pilot, stock needle & clip, 165 main. Appreciate the guidance.

You could try one bigger on the main, but the dunes there flow so well that your bike will stay plenty cool. I was there in August with a friend who has a CRF450 and he didn't touch his jets and his bike ran just fine.

You are going to LOVE IT there. It's a 12 hour drive for me and I can't wait to go back!!

This will be my 3rd time riding St Anthony's, but my first on the YZF. It's is really hoot with all the huge bowls and crazy dunes. It's hard to keep my mind on work today...

I don't have personal experience with sand riding, but everything I've read says to richen the mixture one or two sizes. Evidently the heavier load on the engine causes greater fuel consumption, thus the need to go richer. I believe there was a case of someone on here awhile ago, that was running a YFZ 450 (Quad) and destroyed their engine by not going to a larger main, while on sand.

We don't generally go to any of the pure dune areas, because the ones near us are too densely populated by drunks or lunatics, or drunk lunatics, but when we ride the desert, we always stop and play for a while in the dunes that there are. We just run the jetting that's correct for the altitude and temperature on the scene, and never have any trouble. In fact, I'd say that more damage would come of being too rich than any cooling effect it would provide. I'd also guess that when people have not gone richer and had problems that it was as much a failure to rejet for the lower altitudes (the California deserts are sometimes even below sea level) as anything else. My take on the matter would be to get your jetting right and compensate for any serious changes in temps and altitude as needed. You should be fine if you do that.

Watch the cooling system heat. You'll find the engine does a lot of extra work while moving around at low speeds, and it can suffer from lack of a breeze across the radiators.

I have an '02 426 that is set up for sea level, and ran perfect in St. Anthony. I used an 8 cup paddle tire and had no problems in the large dunes or bowls. Hope you're not staying at Sand Hills Resort...

I went up 1 step on the main jet. The bike ran perfectly. 45 pilot, stock needle & click, 168 main. Temps were about 50 degrees at an altitude of about 4500 feet.

By the way, it rained some on and off all day Saturday. The sand was wet and tacky. Made for an epic adventure. There are some pretty big dunes at St Anthony's, but not one that couldn't be climbed, railed, and shredded with the wet sand. My new YZF450 seemed to have been built for dunes. Ran much stronger than the KTM 300exc that I previously road at St Anthony's. Two thumbs up!

Yea just got back yesterday also and my buddy has a brand new yz450 completly stock and it made quick and easy work of the hill climbs...He even let me ride it and well i think i might be buying a new bike.... a yamaha...

also got to ride an 06 rmz 450, an 06 wr450, an 05 rmz 450, and an older cr500 and by far the dang yz was my that bike is nice...

My tired drz400 was screaming to keep up with the big boys...and i couldn't make it up any of the bigger climbs...don't know why no one wanted to ride mine!

but yea should be fine with stock setup....

ker-b, my brother road his drz this weekend also... I know exactly what you're talking about. The drz just doesn't have the bit of extra umph when climbing big dunes, but with that said, more than one rider borrowed the drz for a test run up choke cherry and didn't have any problems getting over the top. It just didn't do it with as much gusto. He does have a set of hot cams installed along with some FCR carb mods. Might make a difference. I don't know. Jeez, I think I just hi-jacked my own thread and turned it into a drz conversation... love this site and all the different perspectives.

also got to ride an 06 rmz 450, an 06 wr450, an 05 rmz 450

Did the WR450 make it up the big hills? Just curious, we were just talking about going there, I've never been there before.

A WR450 shouldn't have any problems. Couple of my friend love to flip on the headlight and drive them at night through the dunes. For the best experience, I'd mount a paddle tire. Other than that, just go have some fun.

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